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Monkey Bread Baker

Apple/Onion Baker

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Caroline Cruse and Trevor Whitson Wedding Registry

Below are some of the items that you could chose to have in your own personal Palm Tree Pottery wedding registry. For items, like place settings, where you would like to receive more than one of each, the quantity needed is shown in parenthesis().

You select from available pieces and glazes* and your wedding guests can conveniently order online. Give your guests the option of purchasing a beautiful handmade pottery piece for a very special wedding gift. Call us at (336) 841-8933 to learn more.

Dinner Plate
Dinner Plate (12)

Salad Plate
Salad Plate (12)

Cereal/Salad bowl
Cereal/Salad Bowl (12)

Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug (12)

Soup Bowl with handles
Soup Bowl with handles (12)
3"H X 5"W

Small Bowl
Small Bowl (12)

Wine Goblet
Wine Goblet (12)

Berry Bowl - Large
Large Berry Bowl (1)
4.5"H X 8.5"W

Gravy Boat
Gravy Boat (1)

Platter (1)
1.5"H x 13"W

Centerpiece with handles
Centerpiece with Handles (1)

Large Bowl with Handles
Large Bowl with Handles (1)

Casserole with Handles - Small
Small Casserole with Handles (1)
3"H X 8 "W

Casserole with Handles - Large
Large Casserole with Handles (1)

Chip and Dip - Large
Large Chip and Dip Platter (1)
Holds 12 ounces

Chip and Dip - Small
Small Chip and Dip Platter (1)
Holds 5 ounces

Pie Plate
Pie Plate (1)
2"H X 9"W

Brie Baker
Brie Baker (1)
2"H X "

Large Fruit Bowl
Large Fruit Bowl (1)
2.5"H X 12"W

Small Fruit Bowl
Small Fruit Bowl (1)
2.25"H X 10.5"W

Cornbread Pan
Cornbread Pan (1)
2.5"H x 8"W

Syrup/Dressing Pitcher
Syrup/Dressing Pitcher (1)
5.5"H X 3.5"W

Chicken Cooker
Chicken Cooker (1)

French Butter Keeper
French Butter Keeper (1)

Small Pitcher
Small Pitcher (1)
5.5"H X 4.25"W

Large Pitcher
Large Pitcher (1)
7"H X 5.5"W

Soap Dish
Soap Dish (1)

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser (1)

Toothbrush Holder
Toothbrush Holder(1)

Small Tray with Handles
Small Tray with Handles (1)
2"H X 5"W X 12"L

Large Tray with Handles
Large Tray with Handles (1)
2.5"H X 7.5"W X 14"L

Fish Platter
Fish Platter (1)
13"L X 9.5"W

Bud Vase
Bud Vase (1)
3"H x 3.5"W

Monkey Bread Baker
Monkey Bread Baker (1)
3.5"W X 5.5"H

Apple/Onion Baker
Apple/Onion Baker (1)
5"W X 3.5"H